United States Senators Mark Udall, Michael Bennet and Governor John Hickenlooper Salute Firefighters

2014 Firefighter Appreciation Week - Announced

In 2014 Firefighter Appreciation Week will be observed in Colorado from August 17th – 23rd.   Coloradans from across the state will celebrate firefighters and their families who support and sustain them during the week long tribute which will once again culminate with thousands of residents showing up to participate in the family friendly Fight Fire With Beer Festival which will take place on Saturday, August 23rd at Sculpture Park in downtown Denver.    At the festival, Governor John Hickenlooper will award the winners of the prestigious Fight Fire With Beer - Governor’s Cup competition.

In response to the success of Firefighter Appreciation Week which was created in Colorado, efforts are now underway to draft legislation to create National Firefighter Appreciation Week in the United States.


“Working with the folks at Firefighter Appreciation Week, I would like to explore the idea of having Colorado spearhead the creation of National Firefighter Appreciation Week in the United States. What we've created here in Colorado is a model, a template for the nation.”

-United States Senator Mark Udall